Friday, January 23, 2015

Sound Mind is live on Indiegogo! My first #Crowdfunding campaign

"Sound Mind" is music with a purpose + a personal, beautiful story that can change the world with sweet awareness of mental health hacks. And it's my first #crowdfunding campaign @indiegogo! 

See it & Be my hero if you love the product > #startup #music #awesome

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mental Physics 101: Thoughts Matter

I cannot think without the universe noticing.

Every thought I forge leaves some evidence, or sets off some chain reaction like ripples in pond. This is advantageous when understood.

Each tiny thought exerts some influence over observable matter. Each thought you think is a creation.

So what are you syncing about?
You're changing the universe (or at least your world) one moment at a time.

Tracing Knowledge to the Heart

Tracing Knowledge Acquisition to the Heart

Trudging through the wintry morning from bus to office brought me an new insight.

In a given situation,
"Knowing the question I want to ask" is a higher value and quest for me,


"Knowing what question to ask".

This is led to me find out what it takes to ask the Right Question for me.
Which has turned out to be a five step model of personal organization.

Personal Organization:

5 Knowing What I Want To Ask assumes Prior Planning
4 Planning assumes Prior Thought & Mission Decision.
3 Mission Deciding assumes There is something I care about
2 Something I care about assumes I have something in my heart
1 What is in my Heart is who I am.


As Questions are the key to Getting New Knowledge,
Then the Questions I want to ask are the key to Getting the New Knowledge I Want.
...... and that's the Knowledge My Heart beats for.
And Yes, My Heart Beats for Knowledge,

and Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time is best way I've found to get that knowledge.
But to Design & be prepared with the Right Questions requires a persistent cycle of research and reflection (like Design Thinking) .

Let me flip this track to try the relevance to Knowledge in Business Organization:

1 The CEO's Vision are who you are: Your Heart
2 Your Heart reflects your Core Values
3 Core Values inform Mission
4 Mission Statement informs Planning
5 Planning informs Objectives (which are the Questions The Business Wants to Ask)
6 The Resulting Experience from Asking Your Questions Amounts to Knowledge

And that knowledge is directly relevant to your heart.

So the right question for me came from knowing that I value asking questions that matter to me.
This is the knowledge I got out of that question. (Imagine the traveler in the wide woodland pictured below as the question seeker).

That works for me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Today is the only day I have this year

This year is the only day I have. While I enthusiastically hope and plan for the next year and another day, I still must accept that that allowance has not been paid to my account yet. So If I do not improve my time while I have this day, what can I expect to accomplish tomorrow?


Last Sunday, I got up in church during our monthly open congregation testimony meeting, and dared to shared my feelings in front of a crowd using my elementary Finnish language skills. The result was humbling and rewarding.

Many expressed appreciation that I practiced my basic Finnish publicly, but one person prompted a response that took me by surprise.

'You were brave to try your Finnish in front of so many people in a meeting like this.'

I said,

'Well I don't have time to not be brave.  I've made a goal to achieve fluency in Finnish, and this is the only day I have this year, and if I am not going to improve my Finnish skills today, I ought to have a better reason than that I didn't have the courage.'


I've never said that before. Have you ever said something that you were surprised at? (In a good way)

I suppose if I truly want to reach my goal of fluent Finnish speaking, writing, and listening, I should be writing this blog in Finnish. 

Here's to what we can accomplish today.

Take courage on your goal today.

And here's my Finnish version of that sentence.

Ota rohkeus sun tavoitella tänään.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Worlds of Knowledge at whose fingertips?

Worlds of knowledge have been placed at my fingertips, since the beginning of this year.

This year I will find a way to bring worlds of knowledge to new fingertips. I'll team up others to make a bigger impact.

Be inspired how and are already doing just that.

Ending the school shortage.
Empowering the world with education opportunities.

2015 is a year of unprecedented learning

With "if you can google it, you can build
It" and more quality online courses than ever before (favourite examples: Coursera, Swirl, Codecademy, openSAP, Stanford Online).

Two questions come to Mind:

What will you learn this year?
Why will you learn it?

For me, I will use and Google to discover even more of my ancestry than ever before, connect with living relatives and collect the stories that exist.

Learn from the past, using the technology of the present, to create a more aware, more shared, and more enjoyable future.

Super idea

The Questioner is the leader

The questioner is the leader Inasmuch as the question commands the thoughts and invites a categoried response from a person. 

These are the physics of questions on people.

This is why I created the QuestGen concept.

January is the morning of the year.

In the early morning of the new year, which is January, anything is possible. The day has just started.

Explore the unimaginable good you can bring to yourself & your people today.